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Welcome to the day before the future dies.

Black Code is a transhuman cyberpunk RPG set in a future where humanity and technology are intermingled so closely we don’t know where we are going next, vast corporate powers manipulate that technology for their own ends, and something dark is lurking in the sewers and alleys waiting...

This game is a toolkit for role playing in the dark future. As a player we give you a whole bunch of options to create whatever character you like, with a light, fast system that’s got just enough “crunch” to make your decisions matter. As a GM the rich background is a buffet - if you don’t want to take in the whole transhuman thing you can just pick and chose the bits you do like, or hack in your own.


Buy Now$13.50 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $13.50 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Black Code_Digital_v1.1.pdf 16 MB
Black Code - Master Character Sheet (Fillable).pdf 918 kB
Black Code _Crafting Sheet (Fillable).pdf 333 kB
Black Code_CM Sheet.pdf 66 kB
Black Code_Pregens.pdf 1 MB
Darwin Map_US.pdf 2 MB


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Hallo! Is this the same game I also see on Drivethru? Am I missing something from it, if I buy it here (updates, additional stuff etc.)? 

I ask it 'cause I see a very different price.

Hi Andrea,
The drive thru stuff is the same as the itch bundle but just separated as a core book and free add-ons is all. I've revised the pricing so everything matches so you can use whatever platform you prefer!